29 September - 1 October 2020, Jeddah

2019 Featured Exhibitors

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia-Nazih


Nazih Group
Nazih Group has been in the beauty industry for over 43 years with over 200 retail stores across 21 countries. The company is the market leader in the marketing, manufacturing and distribution of professional beauty products, services and equipment to end users, salons, beauty parlors, spas and fitness centers across MENA. The company has different beauty divisions support all of the beauty and personal needs of customers and salons with the best beauty solutions and trends at the highest quality of service.

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Beautyworld Saudi Arabia-Expressions Parfumees


Expressions Parfumees
Expressions Parfumées invents the perfumes of tomorrow. The founders of the company are all professional perfumers who are recognised for their authentic know-how, an expertise in which creativity is the quality mark of all their achievements. This experience, which has proved successful on the international market, is made possible by the universal character of perfume, a sensory language that speaks to everyone. 

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Beautyworld Saudi Arabia-Firmenich


Firmenich creates fragrances and flavors for the world’s most desirable brands, delighting billions of consumers every day. Firmenich’s perfumers work closely with the brands to bring innovation and passion to fragrance solutions. They seek to provide solutions that contribute to greater health and nutrition; and hygiene and sanitation, while preserving nature’s most precious resources. 

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Beautyworld Saudi Arabia-Iberchem

Iberchem is a leading fragrance manufacturer specialized in the creation of fragrances for fine fragrances, personal care, home care, fabric care and air care products. They will be presenting a collection of 5 new fragrances presented using a new gel application. It is the first time Iberchem will be presenting the fragrances using this application in a trade show outside Europe.

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 Beautyworld Saudi Arabia-National Distribution Company


National Distribution Company
National Distribution Company (NDC) is a focused distribution company of beauty and personal care products. NDC will be launching new products at Beautyworld Saudi Arabia which consists of intense and revolutionary treatment products for hands, nails, feet, and total body. These products maintains its focus on the health and well-being of salons, spas and consumers.

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Beautyworld Saudi Arabia-Pragati Glass


Pragati Glass was founded in 1982 in Gujurat, India and have been manufacturing glass bottles over 35 years. Having Furnace with total 130m/tons of glass productions per day, they offer complete packaging solutions to their customers that cater to Perfumes & Cosmetics, Candles, Liquor and Food & Beverage segments.

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